28 10 / 2012

Images from a recent product photography job turned into a book. The book was designed in Photoshop, animated in Cinema 4d and color corrected in After Effects.

28 9 / 2012

{+} Football Bullet Time

09 7 / 2012

Here is my original scene created in Cinema 4D that inspired a tutorial that I made on AE Tuts titled “Create Your Own Flourishes… Now in 3D!” Check it out here: http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/motion-graphics/create-your-own-flourishes-now-in-3d/

Even though this animation was created entirely in Cinema 4D with a little color correction in After Effects, the same principles apply that were used in the tutorial. Enjoy!

30 6 / 2012

26 3 / 2012

{+} Folding Polygons: Olympics 2012

Here is a similar concept to the tutorial that I created for AE Tuts+ title “Create an Awesome Array of Shattering Strings”.  My tutorial used Adobe After Effects and Microsoft Word to add the strings, but this animation of strings was created entirely in Cinema 4D.

It is not possible to have objects connected to a single point in Cinema 4d with the standard tracer effector in the Mograph module, which is why I utilized After Effects in my tutorial.  However, I have recently discovered a free plugin called Ubertracer, which allows for more flexibility than the standard tracer effector.  The only downside to the plugin is that it crashes Cinema frequently… so, save often.

The folding effect on the polygons takes advantage of another recent discovery of a Python script that simplifies the process of setting up the polygons and animating them.  A link to the original script can be found on Vimeo in the comments.  If you would like the English version of the script, get it here.

26 2 / 2012

mr roboto

This weekend I spent some time practicing with dynamics in Cinema 4d. Dynamics are one area of Cinema 4d that I have not explored a lot. I am currently playing with motors and connectors. There is a ton of potential with dynamics and I am looking forward to playing with it more in the future. For my current experiment I needed something to drive with my rig, so I decided to build a robot out of Legos. I will post my robot in action later this month…

06 2 / 2012

My first video tutorial for AE Tuts + titled “Create an Awesome Array of Shattering Strings” has posted.  I never realized how challenging video tutorials can be.  My hat goes off to those that make it seem so easy.  I hope to get better over time presenting the material, but there really are some useful tips in this tutorial for both After Effects and Cinema 4d users.

30 1 / 2012

Preview for a new tutorial using Cinema 4d, Thrausi, Mograph clone positional data, External Compositing Tags and Macro in Microsoft Word to edit several expressions at once.

12 12 / 2010

Where to begin? Things have been very busy for me over the last few months. I have been working on some great projects and there are more to come in the near future. I just wanted to take a moment to share some of the completed projects from this year that I have not posted yet. I will keep it short and sweet and let the images to the talking.

*Advanced Vein Center: Motion Graphics + Video Editing


*Tomaseen Foley: Motion Graphics (click here for video)


*Providence Festival of Trees: Filming + 3D Motion Graphics


Alice in Wonderland Play: Motion Graphics Projected Behind Actors as the Prop(s)




New cm IMAGERY Shirt (Looking to get some made to give out)


Senior Pictures (Just a couple of my favorites)



I hope to report back soon with an update for projects that I am currently working on. I have more work and new tools that should make for a great combination.

* These projects were in collaboration with CuppyYarish.com. I worked as a team member to help complete the final project. All the work posted here was done by myself.

24 6 / 2010

I recently completed a job for a new sitcom in Istanbul, Turkey titled Sen Yuva. Sen Yuva translates to “Your Home”. It is a comedy about a family living in an apartment with the wife’s mother including other interesting characters that live in the apartment as well. The entire project was created in After Effects composed of images, a lot of cardboard textures, and green screen clips of the actors. The footage of the cast was time remapped to give it a stop animation look and feel.

The storyboard was created by Volkan Duran of Genius Park.

One of the toughest parts of this project was working only through emails and online chat. Sharing ideas between individuals can be a little bit harder when limited to text only…The other challenge was the time difference. Istanbul is nine hours ahead of myself, so finding time to chat and meet deadlines was another obstacle.

Despite the challenges and few last minute changes, the project was finished on time and the client loved the final product.

If you are reading this from a site that does not support embedded flash files, you can watch the video on Vimeo here.